Too Cheap to Meter: The Top 10 Myths of Nuclear Power
Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says EU climate chief
Connie Hedegaard says declining cost of offshore wind energy makes it genuine alternative to crisis-hit nuclear industry
Nuclear Energy Isn’t Needed
While we have all heard of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the nuclear industry would have us believe these are but isolated events in an otherwise unblemished history. Not so. Over 800 other significant events have been officially reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency — Mayak, Tokaimura, Bohunice, Forsmark to name just a few. See
Japan fears food contamination as battle to cool nuclear plant continues
Abnormal radiation levels reported in tap water, vegetables and milk with concerns that fish may also be affected
The Engineer reports that Chris Huhne has ordered a review of the implications of the Japanese disaster on current and proposed nuclear plant in the UK, but suggests that Huhne merely wants to reassure the public. See
Global earthquake activity since 1973 and nuclear power plant locations
Map at
Catastrophes and common sense: the nuclear crisis in Japan exposes the cost of idolizing the experts
I would have liked to write about how spectacular it was to be at the Calgary Peace Prize dinner that honoured Dr. Vandana  Shiva. I wanted to report the words of this renowned physicist, philosopher, environmental activist and author who stands for common sense. I had planned to report what happened with the sold-out crowd at the University of Calgary and the 250 who came to dine with her. But Japan’s earthquake has stopped me cold. Read the rest …..
Atomic Cleanup Cost Goes to Japan’s Taxpayers, May Spur Liability Shift
Japan’s taxpayer, not the nuclear industry or insurers, will cover most of the cleanup cost from the worst accident since Chernobyl, a financial rescue that may spur moves by nations to make companies assume more liability.