The people surrounding the Vedanta Alumina Project at Lanjigarh narrowly avoided a disaster on 5th April 2011. A crack developed in the dam holding back the company’s toxic red mud waste pond after a 45 minute thunder shower at 1:00 PM on 5th April 2011. Because of the crack, poisonous red mud ran into the nearby water bodies and mixed up with the Bansadhara River flowing through this area. After 3 hours of discharge, the company managed to patch up the crack. The company also succeeded in suppressing news of the event.
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Vedanta ramps up Lanjigarh alumina refinery to 75,000 tpm
Vedanta’s 1 million tpy Lanjigah refinery has seen alumina output jump by half in March after securing a steady supply of bauxite. “We have been producing alumina at an average of about 50,000-55,000 tonnes per month; we have now stepped up the production to 75,000 tonnes in March,” said a senior company official. Alumina output reached 75,185 tonnes in March at the refinery in Orissa state.