Re: Lodge House opencast expansion, planning application CM6/0910/94 to extract an additional 748,000 tonnes of coal from an extension to the mine adjacent to the village:
Derbyshire County Council as the Mineral Planning Authority, had indicated that it would oppose the application which is due to be heard on the 13th of October at 2.30pm.
In the last 48 hours we have learned that the planning officer for Derbyshire County Council Mineral Planning Authority has now produced a report, very strongly recommending the approval of the Lodge House expansion to the planning committee. This leaves virtually no time for objection or democratic scrutiny.
It is important to express the view of the wider community, and to support the villagers of Smalley, who have democratically expressed their opposition to the scheme.
Please support them by signing the on-line petition Note however, that unless we succeed in getting the planning meeting postponed, the last point at which the petition could be accepted is likely to be around noon on Monday the 10th, so please act now, and spread the word to all your transition and other contacts and networks, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It would be great to be able to show that concern about coal mining, carbon emissions, and local impacts is widespread and deeply felt!