Early in 2012, St. Thomas University and University of New Brunswick faculty members and students in Canada organized a speakers’ series under the umbrella of the Occupy Movement. The lectures drew on the research expertise of faculty and focused on themes of social justice, equality and environmental sustainability, issues the participants felt were important to the future of the city and the province. Some of the talks have been posted at: http://wp.stu.ca/occupypapers/?page_id=7.
Tracy Glynn, one of the editorial board of the international Mines and Communities network, spoke about women and mining. See It’s Bigger than Bling Bling and the Banks: Invoking an Anti-Capitalist Praxis in Activism Against Injustices at Mines at http://wp.stu.ca/occupypapers/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/glynn_tracy.pdf. (The talk was delivered before the charges were dropped against the Goldcorp and the recent wave of attacks on women activists in Guatemala.)
Goldcorp is a Canadian company with British investment. Among Goldcorp’s major investors are British-based AXA Investment Managers UK Ltd., Blackrock Commodities Income Trust plc and City Natural High Yield Trust plc.