Why is Papua New Guinea resource rich, yet its citizens poor? Yet another report attempts to tackle this perennial question – this time addressing issues around the huge Porgera mine, run by Canadian company Barrick Gold (in which there is major British investment – see http://moneytometal.org/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=Barrick&go=Go).
Equally, if not more important, for the country’s communities is the reality that habitat destruction, caused by resource extraction, is robbing them and future generations of their very means for survival. It’s an aspect of the current situation about which the World Health Organization has raised grave concers, specifically in relation to polluted water.
(This article also involved Nautilus, the London-listed Canadian company in which Anglo American is a major shareholder.)
See http://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a=11906.