This post was advertised previously and is being readvertised with a new application deadline of 18 September.
LMN is a network of 28 organisations concerned about the social and ecological impacts of London-based and London-financed mining companies. We work to expose the role of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, London-based funders and the British Government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.
LMN wishes to appoint a Finance Worker to work part-time to maintain LMN’s financial records, co-ordinate reporting to funders, and assist LMN in achieving legal personality and fulfilling its consequent legal obligations.
Number of hours worked each week, and location of the work (home or LMN office) will be by arrangement with the LMN Co-ordinator but will average 3.5 hours per week. Pay will be £20 per hour.
Closing date for applications: 9am on Tuesday 18 September 2012.
Interviews will be at LMN’s office on Friday 28 September 2012.
London Mining Network (LMN) Finfuture, 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2DA. Email: Web:
Job description for the part-time post of London Mining Network Finance Worker
August 2012
Job title: Finance Worker
Contract: Fixed term contract for service with possibility of extensions as funding becomes available
Reporting to: Co-ordinator of London Mining Network
Key objectives To maintain LMN’s administrative and financial records, co-ordinate reporting to funders, and assist LMN in achieving legal personality and fulfilling its consequent legal obligations.
Specific tasks
· process  receipts and payments, and maintain financial records
· conduct regular (normally monthly) bank reconciliation
· produce regular (normally quarterly) finance reports
· prepare financial reports for funders
· prepare the necessary paperwork on the annual accounts to hand on to the accountant / auditor
· prepare and manage the LMN budget,  advising on budget management
· assist LMN in attaining company and charity status and ensure maintenance of adequate records and timely submission of necessary reports
· assist the management committee in ensuring LMN meets its legal obligations on insurance, health and safety and employment
· any other appropriate tasks agreed by mutual consent
Person specification
Finance Worker for London Mining Network (LMN)
Essential skills/experience
· At least one year’s experience of bookkeeping and financial work
· Knowledge of PC computers, the Windows operating system and the Internet (email and the web)
· Experience of working in Excel, ideally using Excel for bookkeeping
· Good keyboard skills
· Good working knowledge of English
· Ability to complete financial duties (e.g. financial data entry or calculations) with consistency and care without supervision
· Sympathy with the aims and ethos of London Mining Network
Useful skills/experience (not essential, but any of the following may count in your favour)
· Able to self-manage multiple demands
· Experience or knowledge of payroll systems (PAYE, NI etc.)
· Experience or knowledge of VAT payments
· Experience or knowledge of financial software packages other than Excel
· Experience or knowledge of the production of end of year accounts
· Experience in the preparation of budgets
· Experience in preparing fundraising proposals
· Experience of working in the voluntary sector, particularly in small, poorly funded campaigning organisations or small activist groups
· Experience of legal requirements for registering organisations as companies limited by guarantee and charities
· Interest in social justice and environmental issues
Application process
Send CV, two references and covering letter explaining why you would like to do this work and how you match the person specification, by email to contact@londonminingnetwork or by post to London Mining Network, c/o PIPLinks, Finfuture, 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2DA, by 9am on Tuesday 28 August 2012. Interviews will be at LMN’s office on Friday 14 September 2012.
Terms and conditions
Finance Worker for London Mining Network (LMN)
Work will be on a consultancy basis and evidence of legal self-employed status will be needed.
The Finance Worker will be accountable to the LMN Management Committee and will work under the guidance of the LMN Co-ordinator. The Finance Worker will work normally from home, but will be required to travel to the LMN office in London for meetings from time to time (for which, travel expenses will be paid). The Finance Worker will attend the quarterly meetings of London Mining Network and the quarterly meetings of the LMN Facilitation Committee. Attendance at such meetings will count as part of the worker’s paid hours. The Finance Worker may raise issues at and make suggestions to these meetings.
LMN will pay the Finance Worker £20 per hour.
The Finance Worker will invoice LMN on a regular basis for the number of days’ work completed.
After three months the Finance worker will meet members of the Management Committee to discuss and evaluate the work and deal with any concerns.
Either party will give the other one month’s notice if they wish to stop working together.