Dongria Kond and farmers protest on Niyamgiri (Photo: Foil Vedanta)
Yesterday the Indian Supreme Court held its latest hearing on Vedanta’s planned mega-mine which threatens the Dongria Kond tribe who live in the Niyamgiri hills. In the court the Ministry of Environment and Forests submitted its affidavit which re-affirmed their previous decision to refuse the bauxite mine on the grounds of violation of the Forests Rights Acts which protects ‘forest dwellers’ and traditional tribal groups.
In London activists from Foil Vedanta and other grassroots groups have held a series of demonstrations on all hearing dates. They have dumped mud on the India High Commission, held a noise demonstration at Vedanta Headquarters and targeted the Financial Services Authority demanding that Vedanta is de-listed from the London Stock Exchange. An investigation into the company’s listing has now been launched by the UK Listing Authority (UKLA).