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Chilean Court halts Pascua Lama mine
A Chilean court has ordered Barrick, the world’s biggest corporate gold miner, to halt all work on its “flagship” Pascua-Lama mine. The company is also facing growing environmental resistance in Argentina, which shares a border with the project. The Dominican Republic hasalso  insisted on insisting on rewriting the royalty contract for Barrick’s $4 billion Pueblo Viejo gold mine.
New Report! “Debunking Barrick”
As Protest Barrick completes its sixth year of working with communities impacted by Barrick Gold, we are publishing a different kind of alternative annual report. We have noticed over the years that despite some of Barrick`s major abuses coming into light, the company has been able to maintain – within select circles – a reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Meanwhile, around the world, Barrick’s name is still associated with corruption, abuse and environmental harms.
Barrick AGM protest in pictures: