Inside London’s Cumberland Hotel today a ‘deep sea mining summit’ is taking place, involving representatives from the mining industry, financiers and the British government. The industry is keen to get support – but the communities that will be most affected are worried about the potentially catastrophic effects. Both the London Mining Network and the Deep Sea Mining campaign are asking the industry and potential supporters to think again.
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Deep seabed mining: an emerging threat to our oceans
Potential investors present would do well to take notice of the growing swell of opposition to seabed mining.   In the Pacific, the region where deep seabed mining is being spearheaded, community groups opposed to seabed mining are springing up and significantly The Pacific Council of Churches has voiced its strong opposition to seabed mining. At the summit activists from the Deep Sea Mining Campaign and The London Mining Network will be leafleting and drawing attention to the aspects of the industry that the most of the summit attendees would most probably like to keep hidden beneath the waves.