Danu village shares the same sea area as the famous shark callers of Messe village next door. Danu, which means “water that never runs dry” in the local language, will have its people evicted by the London-listed Canadian ocean floor exploration company Nautilus Minerals, of which London-listed mining multinational Anglo American is a major shareholder. This village land area has been earmarked to host an onshore infrastructure for Nautilus Minerals. The people have been ordered to vacate their customary land to make way for Nautilus Minerals.
In preparation for the eviction, a delegation of 15 men led by Benson Tomarum, spokesperson for Nautilus Minerals, entered the village at night and forced villagers to sign the papers. Claiming the papers will make way for the Danu people’s benefits once the project comes into fruition. In one instance, a signatory was inside church at the time the group came to the village. These men abruptly walked into the church and ordered him to sign. This ensued in a verbal argument inside the church.
See http://ramumine.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/canadas-nautilus-minerals-forces-danu-people-to-sign-papers-without-informed-consent/.