Seabed Mining Solidarity Postcard May 2016
London Mining Network was involved in a protest on 24 May against the 5th annual seabed mining summit. We joined Australian-based Deep Sea Mining campaign and LMN member group War on Want in solidarity with communities across the Pacific who are calling for a Ban on Experimental Seabed Mining in their seas. We sent a short solidarity video to the Alliance of Solwara Warriors in The Pacific, who are resisting seabed mining.
One of the main companies involved in developing seabed mining is Nautilus, a Canadian company in which London-based Anglo American is a major shareholder. There is plenty at stake if the company goes ahead with its ambitions plans. A successful project has the potential to set off a modern day gold rush to the seafloor, a prospect that troubles deep-sea scientists and environmentalists who fear the mining could destroy some of the world’s most diverse and poorly understood ecosystems.