flyer 9 august copyLast week, LMN member group Colombia Solidarity Campaign organised a vigil outside the Colombian Embassy in London in support of our friends in La Guajira, Colombia, who are struggling to stop Cerrejon Coal (owned by London-listed multinationals Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Glencore) from diverting the Arroyo Bruno, a stream which is the main tributary of the Rio Rancheria, the only major river in the province. Below you can find links to video clips of the vigil and solidarity messages to our friends in La Guajira.
On Thursday, 18 August, in La Guajira, our friends in La Guajira are holding a peaceful protest, the ‘Marcha de Mantas Rojas‘, to protest against the diversion and demand a better deal from the Colombian Government and Cerrejon Coal. (The action was originally planned for 12 July but was postponed.)
Video clips of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign vigil