London Stock Exchange
Our friends at RAID (Rights and Accountability in Development) recently published a report called ‘Bribery in its purest form’: Och-Ziff, asset laundering and the London connection.
A recent article in the Guardian pointed out that wealthy countries like the UK gain far more from poorer countries than they provide in aid and investment, because of unjust trade arrangements, corruption and dishonesty, including in the mining industry – and that is despite rules mandating transparency in payments to governments.
It seems that the London mining connection is associated with death, destruction, pollution, oppression, bribery, corruption and impoverishment in a multitude of locations around the world. And the investments of banks, churches, insurance companies, pension funds, unions, universities and other institutions in the UK makes many of us – unwittingly – complicit in these grave injustices, and, as it were, receivers of stolen goods. London takes on the appearance of a den of violent robbers.
That’s why London Mining Network was set up in the first place – because those of us who happen to live in the UK have a moral responsibility to challenge and oppose such injustice. If you would like to get involved, contact us – our details are at the bottom of our home page.