In the early hours of Saturday 18 March, 2017, a 31 year old worker was engaged by contractor Operational Energy Group Ltd to do some maintenance work on a conveyor belt at the Phosphoric Acid Plant at Vedanta subsidiary Sterlite’s copper smelter in Thoothukudi, India. But before the work could be completed, the belt was switched on, sucking the young man’s left arm in all the way up to his armpit. He suffered serious injuries and initially had part of his hand amputated. It was said by doctors at the time that it would have been possible to save his hand had he been sent to a hospital more quickly.
London Mining Network wrote a letter to Vedanta about this accident on 18 July. You can read the letter here: For the attention of Tom Albanese and Deepak Kumar July 2017
The company has promised a response in the near future.