London Mining Network will be at The World Transformed with our friends War on Want this year. On 9 October we’ll be co-hosting the panel Resisting Green Colonialism: Learning From Resistance Movements Globally. If you’re attending the festival, join us on Monday 9 October at 16:30 in the Black-E Main Space.

The green energy transition being advanced by imperialist states is an agenda for green colonialism, with sacrifice zones and the intensified plunder of land, labour and resources. Across the South communities are resisting and uniting behind clear demands for an alternative. Our panelists will present a vision for an ecosocial energy transition that delivers climate reparations, minimises the mining of transition minerals, and dismantles imperialist trade relations. The event will be a space to explore how movements in the UK can build power in solidarity with these demands.


Asad Rehman – Asad is director of War on Want, organising for climate, racial, economic & social justice.

Diana Salazar – Diana Salazar is the Latin America Coordinator for London Mining Network. She works with communities in La Guajira, Colombia, affected by the Cerrejon coal mine and is currently engaged in doctoral studies at University College London on community resistance and solidarity around the Cerrejon mine.

Sebastian Ordoñez Muñoz – Senior Programmes Officer at War on Want and Advisor at London Mining Network. He works closely with grassroots and frontline social movements, developing justice-oriented approaches to our social and ecological crises. Sebastian helps to coordinate the Global Green New Deal Project.

Merry Dickinson – Merry is a researcher, climate justice campaigner and coordinator of the Stop Burning Trees Coalition. She has a history of direct action and in recent years has focused on campaigning against Drax and environmental injustice caused by the biomass industry.