On 19 September, friends of London Mining Network will be hosting a webinar following up on the #StopISDS Report published earlier this year. Registration is free and open to all, with Spanish/English interpretation provided. The webinar will take place at 4pm UK time. We encourage everyone who wants to support peoples’ right to say no to mining to attend and learn more!

More information from the organisers:

4 PM London / 5 PM Geneva/10 AM CDT / 11 AM EST /
Simultaneous interpretation between Spanish and English will be provided on Zoom.

Register here –> http://bit.ly/3KI4zMu

In recent years, Colombia has faced attacks from transnational mining corporations targeting the important achievements of struggles in defense of life and territories.

Join this conversation with Colombian and international organizations that participated in the Mission to Colombia to #StopISDS about how these claims threaten peoples and fragile ecosystems in La Guajira and Santander.

Learn what you can do to take action to support their call for a Citizens Auditing Commission to facilitate Colombia’s withdrawal from the unjust system that allows transnational corporations to bring such suits in secretive supranational arbitration tribunals.

Organized by:
-La Guajira le Habla al País
-The Committee for the Defence of Water and the Santurbán páramo
-The International Mission to Colombia #StopISDS

With the support of:
-Universidad Industrial de Santander- Facultad de Ciencias Humanas – Escuela de Derecho y Ciencia Política
-Grupo de Investigación en Derechos Colectivos y Ambientales (GIDCA)