A just future based on a lower demand for mining and on respect for human rights and ecological justice (including the rights of nature) where mining does take place.  


We undertake research and action for human rights and environmental justice in partnership with communities resisting, or affected by, the operations of London-based or London-financed mining companies around the world. We aim to tackle impunity and hold the mining industry to account, end unethical corporate practice, and to create an alternative narrative which respects the diverse cultures and cosmologies of the people with whom we work.  


Frontline voices: Our work is led by the needs and concerns of the people affected by or potentially affected by the activities of mining companies. We work to strengthen their capacity to amplify their voices and to place their needs and concerns centre stage.  

Solidarity: We are committed to facilitating the development and strengthening of networks of solidarity with and between people whose land, cultures, livelihoods, health and wellbeing, workplace and other rights are threatened by the activities of mining companies.   

Collaboration and teamwork: We work collaboratively as part of a formal network and also as part of several dynamic and changing informal networks of NGOs, community organisations, voluntary groups, concerned individuals, and others. 

 Environmental Stewardship and Just Transition: We understand that we are part of nature and that we must live within the ecological limits of our planet. We seek to promote a just transition to a sustainable and fair post-extractivist society that ensures that future generations will benefit, not suffer, from the practices of our generation.  

Personal and planet:  We encourage everyone involved with LMN to consider their well-being and support each other, and to consider the well-being of the planet and others with whom we share it. 

Respectful: We value the opinions, expertise and diversity that people bring to LMN, and treat each other with respect, dignity and common courtesy regardless of background, culture, lifestyle or position. 

Empowerment: We encourage everyone involved with LMN, whether they be workers, consultants, volunteers, supporters or representatives of communities with whom we are working, to share ideas, gain skills and knowledge and to involve themselves in our decision-making processes and to feel they are part of making change happen. 

Honesty and transparency: We are accountable at all levels of our work, to ensure that we are effective in our actions and open in our communications with others. We regularly evaluate our activities and welcome dialogue and constructive criticism. 

With these values, we  have  supported  communities  to  say  ‘no’  to  mining  projects, hold companies accountable and  we coordinate  a  network  of  mining  justice  organisations,  playing  an  integral  role  in  extractives  campaigning. 

LMN believes  that  the  people  who  should  have  the  decisive  voice  with  regard  to  mining  projects  are  the  people  most  directly  impacted  by  them  –  yet  their  voices  are  often  ignored.  One of our most  important  tasks,  therefore,  is  to  ensure  that  the  voices  of  communities  resisting  mining,  communities  seeking  justice  from  companies  for  the  consequences  of  existing  projects,  communities developing alternatives to mining, and  mining  workers  in  dispute  with  companies,  are  heard  by  the  boards, shareholders, investors and insurers of the companies and by members of the public in Britain.  

We seek to promote and share communities’ ways of understanding the world and support their development models.