Volunteer with us

Please Note: We are currently putting a pause on accepting new volunteers while we review our volunteer recruitment strategy. Thank you to everyone who has recently contacted us regarding volunteering and to all those considering volunteering with us.

Do you want to volunteer with us, in solidarity with those fighting the injustices of British mining operations abroad?

Our volunteers help us with all kinds of tasks that help us to keep the network running and to provide support & solidarity to our friends in mining-affected communities across the world. Here are a few examples of things you can help us with, but we’re always open to new ideas from volunteers;

If you speak languages
other than English, you
can help us translate
articles and press releases,
increasing our reach and
Volunteers have helped
us to research vital
information for our reports
on mining and its effects
on communities and the
If you know how to design
eye catching graphics or
have some experience in
web-design, you can help
us develop the look and
accessibility of LMN.
Copyediting & Proofreading
We want to make sure that
everything we publish is of
the best quality possible.
Volunteers with a keen
eye for detail are always
Help develop our education
resources, deliver
workshops and spread the
word about our work with
students & schools.
Operations & Admin
If you’re excellent
at organisation and
coordination, you can help
us run smoothly by lending
a hand with operations.

Send us a brief email if you’d like to consider volunteering with us: contact@londonminingnetwork.org


“It’s been a wonderful experience volunteering at the LMN office. I’ve learned a lot, both about mining companies and community resistance, and in terms of skills like social media outreach, activism, helping run events and protests, and getting an insight into how a charity is run. There were opportunities to attend interesting talks and events, and meet activists from all around the world. I felt like I made a difference, and it was also an invaluable addition to my CV, which helped me get my current job.”

~ Julia, office volunteer from January to July 2016

If you want to help out on a short term or one off basis, there’s still plenty you can do.
We often need assistance with thing like the following:

Attending a Demonstration
Join us demonstrating at
mining company AGMs and
other key events, showing
solidarity with communities
around the globe.
Contribute an Article or

If you know of a story that
relates to London based
mining companies & human
rights, workers’ rights or
environmental abuses, let
us know. Either send us a
draft article or pass us the facts.
Help out at an event by:
• securing a venue
• designing posters
• promoting
• setting up the room
• catering
• registering attendees
• taking photos
• writing up feedback
Keep an eye on our
newsletter, website or social
media channels for events
we’re running and ways to

If none of these are possible for you, but you’d still like to lend your support, you can still:

* Attend protests and events! Join our email list for call-outs

* Sign up to be a monthly donor or give a off one donation to LMN online

* Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our posts to spread the word amongst your friends