Anglo Amerian AGM 2020

Since we won’t have the chance to talk to Anglo American this year, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together this FAQ based on some of our research. If we were Anglo American, these would be our honest answers…

Q: Understandably given the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve called off your in-person AGM for 2020. Will you be giving shareholders and other concerned parties the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers like a regular AGM?


A: Yes! But actually no, not really. Instead of allowing people to talk to us, we’re instead inviting them to send us written questions. We won’t have to deal with any awkward questions in the presence of anyone who can challenge our inadequate answers in front of an audience of other shareholders. Instead, at some later date. We have a proud tradition of avoiding difficult questions and making platitudes to keep up!


Q: What kind of commitments does Anglo American make to ensure its work doesn’t negatively impact communities living near mines?


A: Like our website shows, we’re signed up to all sorts of ethics commitments – from UN guiding principles to our own Human Rights policy. Just because we’re involved in the occasional forced removal of indigenous people from their land so that we can increase exports or deprive communities of essential drinking water, that doesn’t mean our intentions aren’t good! And you know what they say about good intentions – they always work out!


Q: Well that doesn’t sound great… You always look after the health and safety of your workers though don’t you?


A: Of course! And if, by some highly unlikely oversight, we completely fail to provide mine workers with adequate protective gear or safe working environments, leading to long term health issues for thousands of people we’re sure to pay compensation. After dragging them and their communities through a long legal battle of course. 


Q: But your structures, like your pipelines, are safe aren’t they?


A: Absolutely, totally safe. Apart from when they leak things like iron ore slurry or pollute local waterways. Totally safe!


Q: So how are you still the ‘responsible miner’ you say you are? Sounds like you do more harm than good!


A: Did we mention that we’re ranked number one on the Responsible Mining Index? And yes, it might be true that literally every company assessed failed to meet the society expectations it sets out but we’re the closest to not failing! And that counts for something… right?

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