Getting Started

If you are concerned about the impact of London-linked mining companies and want to know more, here are some suggestions about where to start.

Mining techniques, processes and waste

For a technical introduction to mining processes and the pollution they cause, take a look at these power point presentations:

Minerals and ore bodies
Different kinds of mining
Processing ores to extract the metal
Mine wastes
Social and environmental concerns

Coal mining

Coal mining is of special concern because the impacts of coal burning on climate change. But there are other concerns too. London Mining Network has produced an introductory briefing on coal mining, dealing with its impacts on farming communities, Indigenous Peoples, water, air and human health. It calls for a just, planned transition away from coal and the creation of alternative livelihoods for the very many people reliant on coal mining. (This briefing does not deal with the issue of climate change.)


Uranium is also of special concern because of the effects of radiation. Read our briefing on the health and environmental impacts of uranium mining and watch a slide show on uranium mining and nuclear power.

Mining and London

Most of the world’s biggest mining companies, and many smaller mining companies, are listed on the London Stock Exchange, including its Alternative Investment Market (AIM). For more information about London’s key role, visit our Mining and London page.

The four biggest mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glencore Xstrata and Anglo American. Click on these links for summaries of our concerns about these companies.

Anglo American
BHP Billiton
Glencore Xstrata
Rio Tinto

For all the articles on our website about each of these four companies, click on the links below.

Anglo American
BHP Billiton
Glencore Xstrata (you can also search separately for information about Glencore and Xstrata when they were separate companies)
Rio Tinto

You can search for information on companies, countries and minerals using the website’s search engine.