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London Mining Network works in support of communities around the world who are badly affected by mining – mining by companies based in, or financed from, London.

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  • A study has shown that 98% of all underground water in the state of Antofagasta is used by mining companies. - @olca_chile #MiningChile 17 hours ago
  • 3 lies that underpin mining in Chile: 1) mining brings money, 2) mining brings many jobs, 3) mining is sustainable.… https://t.co/lGsbI0gIFH 18 hours ago
  • Beyond the London-listed mining firms in Chile, London finance + pension funds support many more Chilean mining pro… https://t.co/SQsELLpueu 18 hours ago
  • Lucio Cuenca of @olca_chile, shows the list of British companies and British-owned mines in Chile, involved in loca… https://t.co/8VSGg2Hb2m 18 hours ago
  • 'Almost 100% of Chile north of Santiago has been concessioned for mining.' - Lucio Cuenca , @olca_chile #MiningChile https://t.co/1PNZ9EEvAl 18 hours ago

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